Casa Le Tigre Print – Massimo Colonna


‘Casa La Tigre’ is the latest instalment by The Cool Hunter’s favourite digital artist Massimo Colonna. In this newest work, a continuation on the theme of that penultimate symbol of wealth and status, the luxury pool, Colonna has created an Escher-esque tropical fantasy replete with stairs ascending and descending to everywhere, and nowhere.


With dappled golden late afternoon light illuminating a scene of dense jungle foliage framing a concrete architectural folly, Colonna fabricates a world which exists only in the movies; a Bond villain’s modernist lair theatrically concealed in a thick verdant setting. At its focal point the image has that most alluring of big cats, the tiger, serenely gazing back at us, patiently awaiting for the ensuing drama to commence. Yet in the tiger we take refuge, our eyes drawn to it by the straight lines of the artificial elements. In an image crowded with varying parts and infinite complexity, the tiger’s tranquil pose, coupled with the pool’s gently rippled surface, provide a sense of peace.

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