Canyon House, Los Angeles, California, USA

When Rustic Canyon house was completed in May 2018, one of the residence’s redeeming qualities already then was the surrounding nature. As the 4,100 square-foot (381 square-metre) private home is located in California, the trees and vegetation have done what they do in warm climates: they have grown tremendously and now obscure the modernist white house almost completely. Oaks, sycamores, tea trees, melaleuca trees and several other local pant species are growing on the property in a relaxed, semi-wild manner.

The Pacific-coast-facing lot is situated in the Santa Monica Mountains in Rustic Canyon by Rustic Creek. Rustic Canyon is the name of both the canyon and the residential neighbourhood in eastern Pacific Palisades, on the west side of Los Angeles. It is an area that boasts many impressive residences including those designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Craig Ellwood and Richard Neutra.

The family home of this feature was designed by Los Angeles-based Walker Workshop, established in 2010 by Noah Walker. Walker led a team of specialist that included Elena Baranes and Nicholas Katona.

The client, Lisa Petrazzolo, shares the house with her two young daughters. Petrazzolo completed the interior design of the home herself with art provided by Creative Art Partners. Lisa Petrazzolo was often seen at celebrity events especially when she was married to American actor Reid Scott (2004-2007.)

We love the residence’s low, elegant profile and its minimalist, white-stucco exterior that echoes the hacienda-style of the area’s houses that was dominant in times gone by. The compound’s central building houses a large living space and a cathedral kitchen. From this central structure four distinct wings spread out housing four bedrooms and the garage. The four walls of the south-facing kitchen are made of glass and it boasts a 15-foot-high (4.6-metre) ceiling.

Another beautiful feature of the residence is the high master bedroom with its floating ceiling and large skylight. – Tuija Seipell

Images Joe Fletcher

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