Bubble Photograph By Mathieu Missiaen

Mesmerizing, intriguing, stunning, elegant. We could not stop staring at this enchanting photographic image of a bubble by Mathieu Missiaen and so we had to have it.
The image is called ‘Bubble’ but we keep seeing all sorts of strange worlds in it. This piece has all the hallmarks of an eye-catching conversation piece. It does stand out. It will be noticed in whatever space you’ll hang it.

In addition, it has a hypnotizing effect. In its enigmatic core there appears to be an explanation. If you just look at it long enough, you will solve the puzzle. You will figure it out. You will see something in it. You will know how it was created.
And yet, you don’t really want to know.
We are usually pretty tough on facts. We want to know the details, but in this case, we do not want to know. It would break the spell. We just want to stare.

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Bubble – Mathieu Missiaen - $1300

Metallic print (not acrylic) with Black frame. Flat rate shipping charged at $20 Please allow up to 21 working days for production and delivery.

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