Brass Hands Sculptures


We are fascinated with the human hand. Long before Leonardo da Vinci created his exquisite studies of the expressiveness and functionality of the human hand, and long before Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel depicted perhaps the best known touch of hands in the world, artists and sculptors had  endeavoured to capture the millions of variations present in our hands.

Also, many of our verbal expressions involve hands. We talk about taking things into our own hands, of things getting our-of-hand, we experience things first-hand, have our hands full, give a hand, feel our hands are tied or wash our hands of something.

Hand gestures themselves have become expressions as we high-five, give the finger, go thumbs up, keep our fingers crossed or, of course, like something on social media.


So, when we discovered these cool brass hand sculptures, we just could not let them go. We found so many ways to display and use them that we are going to have to call them  hands-down the handsomest and handiest accessories we’ve seen in a long time! Available at The Cool Hunter store and online.


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