Belgium House


Clean, classic lines and a graciously achieved balance of 90-deree angles create a timeless harmony that we just cannot resist.


When you add a predominantly white colour scheme and understated, mid-century modernist interiors, we are sold.


This stunning residence – both the architecture and interiors – was created by the Brussels, Belgium-based Daskal-Laperre.


The two associates, Daphne Daskal and Stephanie Laperre, have a beautiful style that shows in most of their high-end residential projects. White colour, unobtrusive form, low profile.


Their work provides an exquisite container for the inhabitants to express their own style which, form the projects we have seen, tends to be mid-century modernist or otherwise minimalist. In all, balance is the operative word.


Daskal-Laperre created this particular home for a young family of two adults and three children. The interior is decorated with vintage design classics and the owners’ collection of contemporary art. All millwork is designed by Daskal and Laperre and custom-made for this residence.


The house is located in the Brussels outskirts and it is surrounded by the trees and shrubs of an old park. Another striking quality of this residence is, indeed, its impeccable placement on the property. Even with the fairly extensive swimming-pool area, the house appears to have been on this location for quite some time. It belongs.


The designers drew inspiration from modernist Richard Neutra (1892-1970) whose work was characterised by his intense attention to his clients’ real needs and whose residential architecture is often described as a blend of art, landscape and practical comfort. 

Their other source of inspiration was the even more famous modernist, Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), whose ‘less is more’ statements permeated his work.


Not as iconic or ground-breaking as Mies’s Farnsworth House in 1945, this modern Brussels family home can, however, proudly claim to belong to the same general genre of timeless modernist residences. – Tuija Seipell.


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