Baoyan Park Children’s Entertainment Park – Beijing, China



Baoyan Park is a Chinese entertainment and amusement park brand that operates 10 multi-function facilities in China that include movie theatres, restaurants, indoor water parks and other recreational offerings.


When Shanghai-based X+Living was commissioned to design the brand’s largest facility, a new 8,500 square-metre (91,493 sq. ft) park in Beijing, the designers took a critical look at the existing facilities.


Chief designer Li Xiang with project directors Ren Lijiao and Wu Feng concluded that a more cohesive colour scheme and a clearer layout were needed to sharpen the concept and to differentiate it from other indoor entertainment parks.


They separated wet and dry areas clearly so that right from the entrance area, the guests are directed straight to either the water park or the mini city area based on their preference.


The water park is a fantasy in soft colours where the deep water pool and wading and play areas are distinctly separate to make it easier for parents to keep an eye on their children. Adorable animals feature a spray function helping kids engage in active play.


The restaurant that serves Western-style food including pizza and pasta is designed with both parents and children in mind with play areas and seating groups coexisting within each area.


The mini city zone is a magical and creative world where children are able to create, build and model with blocks and other elements while their parents can rest in seats integrated in the design. This is a simulated city with its hospital, police station and library where children can dress up as staff and learn about the different occupations


With its soft and friendly colours, child-size scale and interesting surprises at every turn, the entire park is a magical fantasy world for children. Each time a child visits, he or she will find something new and unexpected, yet the park feels immediately like their own space.



With their playful approach, the designers have created a space that is not just custom-designed for children but also gives adults comfortable, adult-size seating and ideal vantage points where they can watch the fun their children are having. Tuija Seipell.



 Photographer: Shao Feng




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