Baiser Bar – Xanthi, Greece


Baiser is a bar that has done brisk business for a decade in Xanthi in north-eastern Greece.

When the owner approached Tessaloniki-based architect, Minas Kosmidis all those years ago, Kosmidis did his well-known eclectic, funky, semi-cluttered magic and the bar was off to a great start.


Now, 10 years later, the owner went back to Kosmidis for a thorough renovation that would transform the bar to meet the tastes of the next decade yet not alienate the steady stream of regulars. baiser2

In addition, the owner was looking to use the 120 square meter (abt 1,300 sq.ft) space more effectively, especially at night when there often was standing-room only. baiser3

Kosmidis located all service functions – storage, kitchen, bathrooms – in one end at the back of the space. baiser4

This left more room for a bar-like grouping in the centre with large, high tables and counters and high seating.


This allows a greater number of guests to stand close to the bar area and still have a place to put down their drinks.


Overall, Kosmidis was looking to create a chic, retro bar in a warm, cozy environment. baiser7

Walnut wood has been used for the floor and some of the wall coverings. Marble, mirrors and brass are also present in several functions.


The custom-designed lighting and the use of the elongated, rounded shape complete the sophisticated retro atmosphere. baiser9

We have covered Kosmidis’s work before, including the Biribildu Souvlaki in Athens. Tuija Seipell.


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