AIRBUS A380 – A league of its own

Step inside the new Airbus A380and immediately you will notice the stunning interior design that will catapult the A380 into a league of its own. With generous interior space, surrounded by beautifully designed features, as well asa state of the art entertainment and business facilities, the A380looks more like a hotel bar and recreation area, than the inside of an aircraft. The A380, is the world’s largest passenger aircraft and features 50 per cent more floor space than its nearest competitor.
The unique double deck arrangement provides extra capacity at the same time as improving the passenger experience. Each twin-aisle cabin allows wider seats but with fewer rows than on other large aircraft. Easing the stress of long-haul travel,the A380 cabins feature mood lighting thanks to light emitting diodes(LED) capable of simulating day or night. Mood lighting eases the stress of jet lag for long-haul passengers and also helps provide a relaxing ambience. Windows are also bigger, providing more natural light and a better view outside the aircraft.
Traveling with new levels of comfort is something passengers are beginning to demand for their travel dollars,
and it seems that the Airbus A380 is listening to its customers. by Lisa Evans

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