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Wing Pen Drawings by Alessandro Paglia


Milanese artist and photographer Alessandro Paglia is known for his photorealistic pen-and-ink drawings of pop-culture icons and familiar objects.

His latest creations, however, are breathtaking large-format (100cm x 100cm) images of bird wings, one white and one black.


Together, the large image format, the granular paper and the stunning pen-work produce an effect of incredible power and strength. The viewer is seduced into thinking of eagles and swans – elegant, powerful, silent travelers of the sky.

When viewing Paglia’s work, our eyes refuse to accept what our brains know to be true: These are indeed not photos but meticulously produced hand drawings where the granular effect is achieved by layering tens of thousands of touches of pen until the perfect effect of light and shadow emerges.


Paglia uses felt-tipped pens with intense, fade-resistant, waterproof black pigment with tips ranging from 0.1 to 0.8mm. The paper is extra-white, cold-pressed 100% cotton at 640 gsm.

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