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ReFuture Clinic, Kiev, Ukraine


We love restraint. Not in a confining or limiting sense, but in the elegance and clarity that are the result of not adding unnecessary components. The skill, of course, is knowing what is unnecessary. And even that is a question of taste and opinion.

refuture1In our opinion, the ReFuture clinic of aesthetic medicine in Kiev, Ukraine, is an excellent example of elegant restraint.


The clinic takes up 270 square-metres (2,906 sq. ft) on two floors of a new building at Dragomirova Streetr 9. The design was recently completed by Kiev-based YoDezeen.


The designers restricted the clinic’s key material palette to stone, wood and metal. ReFuture CEO and chief physician Jevgeni Sharov was involved in the process of finding the balance between medical requirements, privacy concerns, and elegance and comfort for the clients.


Kiev, the capital of Ukraine on the river Dnieper is known for its historical buildings. The use of travertine stone on the walls of the clinic helps bring some of that sense of history into the otherwise non-descript spaces of the building.

The rough stone also adds texture and helps alleviate the sense of sterility that the metal components and medical equipment can bring. Texture is the key visual element of the entire space while the many striking light fixtures draw attention and provide interest.

refuture6The furniture and lighting suppliers include Xal Lighting, Cameron Design House, Minotti, Gallotti & Radice, Poltrona Frau, MDF Italia, and Laura Meroni.

refuture7YoDezeen is a multi-disciplinary practice, established in 2011 by architects Artem Zverev and Arthur Sharfe. In addition to the head office in Kiev, they have offices in Miami, Los Angeles and London. Zverev was the lead architect of the ReFuture clinic project working with team members Artur Sharf, Anna Tarabanova, Artem Voskoboinyk and Anton Biytsev. Tuija Seipell.


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